For an ecommerce website, contact pages remain one of the most vital components. An effectively designed contact page provide your prospective customers and clients with a road map to easily find contact details, connect with you on the social media and provides options to offer suggestions and feedback with the click of a button. In fact, According to Savvy Panda, ecommerce website abandonment is a necessary evil that haunts most brands and only an effective contact page can help minimize the damage caused. So, in order to make an impact on your industry, consumers and prospects, you need to invest in a high-quality, effective contact page for your ecommerce website.

The Internet simply swarms with some amazing examples of creative contact pages. However, it makes sense to heed a few tips before getting a contact page created for your ecommerce site.

  • Use a dedicated contact page: As an ecommerce business, you must aim to deploy a dedicated contact us page. In addition, the page must feature a easy-to-fill contact form.
  • Include relevant information: It makes sense to include all relevant information such as email addresses, contact details and social media links for your business on your contact page.
  • Ensure contact information is easily accessible.Do well to ensure that your contact page is easily locatable on your website.

Remember, a creative contact page can spell the difference between the success and failure for your ecommerce business. So, do well to find a creative page design that can summon attention and interest from your consumers and prospects. And if you’re worried about the hefty web designing charges, don’t worry. With the ever-increasing number of online contest-based crowdsourcing platforms, it’s easier than ever to source an creative yet affordable contact web page. Contests on web page designs by Designhill, for one, offer countless opportunities for that.

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Now, let’s explore 5 classic examples of creative contact page that are sure to fill you in with inspiration. Enjoy!

  1. Needle

Needle uses a creative contact page that’s sure to inspire awe and make visitors fall in love with the brand. With its contact form in postcard imagery, Needle makes it clear why it is so sought after by consumers.

  1. Qwert City

Yet another classic example of creative contact page is that of Qwert City. The company has included its contact page right on its “About” page to make it easy for consumers, fans and patrons. Quite like Needle, Qwert City also uses its contact form in postcard imagery.

  1. Justdot

As soon as you land on the home page of Justdot, you get to know why it is so loved by its patrons and fans. It is a single-page site and boasts of a relative navigation linking to different parts of the page. The page is presented in the form of a blackboard. The easy-to-spot contact section is located at the bottom of the page and is sure to inspire you!

  1. Loewy Design

Lowey Design seems to be hell bent on pleasing its visitors with unmatched browsing experience. It features a fairly simple contact form and makes it easy for its visitors to include their contact information, comments and even their sketch. Now that’s sure to give you oodles of inspiration.

  1. Wix Web Template

A creative contact page from Wix Web template is sure to catch all fancies. This page integrates the contact form in a speech bubble coming out from a man’s mouth. This contact page also makes it easy for visitors to connect with the ecommerce brand on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

These creative examples make it easy to understand why a convincing contact page is so important for your ecommerce business.